TDG with Certificate
Complete TDG - Transportation of Dangerous Goods training in less than 60 minutes with Certificate.
What are the main parts of TDG?

New TDG Clear Language Training
Course Content:

• Complete (Transport Canada) Training requirements
• The nine classifications
• Documentation requirements
• Safety marks -- labels/placards
• Safety requirements for TDG
• Quiz questions throughout to ensure understanding of the new regulations.

How to use the program

• Enter your name and employee number
• Introduction to Program
• Why do I Need TDG?
• TDG Enforcement
• TDG Responsibilities
• Classifications
- Shipping Name    
- Class and Divisions   
- PIN Product Identification Number    
- Packing Group   
- Packaging Standards
• Subsidiary Classifications
• Classification Guide - Classes of Hazardous Materials
• Safety Marks   
  - Labels    
  - Markings   
  - Placards   
  - Placardable Quantities   
  - PIN and Placards
• Documentation    
  - Permits   
  - Emergency Response Plan    
  - Retention of Documentation    
  - Dangerous Occurrence
• Review and Summary
• True/False Quiz Questions
• Multi-function Training Log
• Glossary of TDG Terms

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Customer Support

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The current pricing is based on an initial End User License Agreement (EULA) consisting of a fee for employees (users) to access the training content for one calendar year from date of purchase. Individual (user) training sessions can be more than one use per user in any given calendar year, the license does not extend beyond one calendar year without re-licensing. Program will retain records but will not allow the training program to work past 365 days without a renewal installation which also qualifies for program upgrades and continued technical support.