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WHMIS TRAINING in less than 60 minutes from $9.95 per person. Free software download requires unlock KEY to activate. Purchase now and start training today Upon completion program prints Certificates automatically.

Abacus Safety has the most widely recognized form of WHMIS Training using computer based training installed at WHMIS training facilities across the country.










































































































































































































Health and Safety Training Software
Training that Works.

3M Canada Company http://www.3m.com/ca/occsafety
Abacus Safety http://www.abacussafety.com
Able Translations Ltd. http://www.abletranslations.com
Absolute Absorbents Inc./Les Absorbants Absolute http://www.sorbitec.com
Access Medical Inc. http://www.accessmedical.com
Acklands Grainger http://www.acklandsgrainger.com
Action Force Employment Services http://www.actionforce.com
Advanced Rescue Techniques School of Canada http://www.rescuetechniques.com
Advantage Fitness Sales Inc. http://www.advantagefitness.ca
Aerdon Equipment (1984) Ltd. http://www.aerdon.com
AGO Industries Inc. http://www.ago1.com
Ansell http://www.ansell.com
Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) http://www.ace.ergonomist.ca
Bacou-Dalloz http://www.bacou-dalloz.com
Baffin Inc. http://www.baffin.com
Best Glove Mfg. Ltd. http://www.bestglove.com
bgiBenchmarkgroup international http://www.compsave.ca
BI&I http://www.biico.com
Bongarde http://www.safetysmart.com
Brady Canada http://bradycanada.com
Brians Footwear Ltd. http://www.safetyfootwear.com
Bruce Power http://www.brucepower.com
BSI Management Systems Canada Inc. http://www.bsiamericas.com
BW Technologies http://www.gasmonitors.com
Canadian Association of Optometrists http://www.opto.ca
Canadian Business Health Management http://www.healthmanagement.ca
Canadian General Standards Board http://www.pwgsc.gc.ca
Canadian Mill Supply Co. Ltd. http://www.canmill.com
Canadian Occupational Safety http://www.cos-mag.com
Canadian Red Cross http://www.redcross.ca
Canadian Safety Equipment Inc. http://www.cdnsafety.com
Cannon Hygiene http://www.cannonhygiene.ca
Can Sling/DBI Canada http://www.salagroup.com
Canadian Society of Safety Engineering http://www.csse.org
Can-Ross Environmental Services Ltd. http://www.canross.com
Care-tek (Ergonomics) Corporation http://www.care-tek.com
Carswell http://www.carswell.com
CCH Canadian Limited http://www.cch.ca
CCOHS http://www.ccohs.ca
Centre For Addiction And Mental Health - Workplace Health Connections http://www.camh.net
CHESS Inc. http://www.bpcanada.com
Cintas Canada Ltd. http://www.cintas.com
CompClaim Management Inc. http://www.compclaim.com
Conveyerail Systems Inc. http://www.conveyerail.com
Coyle & Greer Awards Canada Ltd. http://www.coylegreer.com
CRS/TeamSafety http://www.teamsafety.com
CSA http://www.csa.ca
Custom Protect Ear Inc. http://www.protectear.com
Dalimar Instruments Inc. http://www.dalimar.ca
Damotech Inc. http://www.damotech.com
Danatec Educational Services Ltd. http://www.danatec.com
DCM Clean-Air Products, Inc. http://www.dcmcleanair.com
Deb Canada http://www.debcanada.com
Degil Safety Products http://www.degilsafety.com
DenTec Safety Specialists, Inc. http://www.dentecsafety.com
DEVTRA Inc. http://www.devtra.com
DMA/Rehability http://www.dmarehability.com
Draeger Canada Ltd. http://www.draeger.com
DuPont Safety Resources http://www.dupont.com/safety
E.K. Gillin & Associates Inc. http://www.ekginc.com
Echelon Response & Training Inc. http://www.echelonresponse.com
Eckel Industries of Canada Ltd. http://www.eckel.ca
Education Safety Association of Ontario http://www.esao.on.ca
Elk River, Inc. http://www.elkriver.com
Electrical and Utilities Safety Association (EUSA) http://www.eusa.on.ca
Electrolab http://www.electrolab.ca
Electro-Medical Instruments Co. http://www.emi-canada.com
Electrical Safety Authority http://www.esasafe.com
Encon Safety Products http://www.enconsafety.com
ERGO Inc. http://www.ergoconsulting.net
ErgoCanada.com http://www.ergocanada.com
ergoCentric Seating Systems http://www.ergocentric.com
Ergomat Canada Inc. http://www.ergomat.ca
Ergo Concepts Inc. http://www.ergoconceptsinc.com
Ergotech Protective Devices, Inc. http://www.protection-in-motion.com
FHS Focus on Health and Safety http://www.fhsweb.com
Fibergrate Canada http://www.fibergrate.com
fire etc. http://www.fire-etc.ca
Firepoint Technologies Inc. http://www.firepoint.cc
Fire Safety International Inc. d.b.a. FSI North America http://www.fsinorth.com
Fisher Safety http://www.fishersci.ca
Fork Truck Training Ltd. (F.T.T. Limited) http://www.fttweb.com
Fuelmaker Corporation http://www.fuelmaker.com
Galson Laboratories http://www.galsonlabs.com
Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories http://www.gamma-dynacare.ca
Gator Canada http://www.gatorcanada.ca
Gerson Co. http://www.gersonco.com
Golder Associates Ltd http://www.golder.com
Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP http://www.gowlings.com/ohscourses
Hazard Alert Training Inc. http://www.hatscan.com
Hazmasters http://www.hazmasters.com
IAPA http://www.iapa.ca
Integra Environmental Inc. http://www.integraenv.com
IPC Resistors http://www.resistors.com
IST http://www.istinstrumentation.com
Health Care Health and Safety Association http://www.hchsa.on.ca
Hetek Solutions Inc. http://www.hetek.com
Hornell Canada Inc. http://www.hornell.com
ICC The Compliance Center http://www.thecompliancecenter.com
ID Group http://www.groupid.com
Impacto Protective Products Inc. http://www.2protect.com
Industrial Accident Prevention Association http://www.iapa.ca
Industrial Hygiene News/Rimbach Publishing Inc. http://www.rimbach.com
Industrial Safety Trainers Inc. http://www.thesafetybus.com
Industrial Scientific Corporation http://www.indsci.com
Institute For Work & Health http://www.iwh.on.ca
Integra Environmental Inc. http://www.integraenv.com
Intelex Technologies Inc. http://www.intelex.com
Interex Industries Ltd. http://www.yaktrax.ca
Iron Age Canada http://www.ironageshoes.com
ISECO (Industrial Sacety Equipment Co. Ltd.) http://www.iseco.com
IST http://www.istinstrumentation.com
J.A.M. Safety Solutions Inc. http://www.jamsafety.com
Jenalex http://www.jenalex.net
Jessup Mfg. Co. http://www.globritesystem.com
J.H. Ryder Machinery http://www.jhryder.com
Jomac Canada Inc. http://www.jomaccanada.com
Kan House of Kagroo Inc. http://www.superbright.com
Kane's Distributing Ltd. http://www.kanesvending.com
Kimberly Clark http://www.kc-safety.com
Kit Care Corporation http://www.kitcarecorp.com
Kodiak Group Inc. http://www.kodiakboots.com
Krihos International LLC http://www.krihos.com
L.P. Royer Inc. http://www.lproyer.com
Lakeshore Communications http://www.raydios.com
LEHDER Environmental Services http://www.lehder.com
Levitt-Safety Ltd. http://www.levitt-safety.com
Liftow Limited http://www.liftow.com
Limestone Health Consultants Inc. http://www.limestonehealth.ca
Lumidor http://www.lumidor.com
Lineman's Testing Laboratories of Canada Ltd. http://www.ltl.on.ca
Mackay & Associates Investigation & Security http://www.mackay-pi.com
Maerix Inc. http://www.maerix.com
Mat Tech http://www.matech.ca
Markkin Fitness http://www.theabdominalbackup.ca
Martor USA http://www.martorusa.com
Master Lock Co. http://www.masterlock.com
Med-Eng Systems Inc. http://www.med-eng.com
Mellow Walk Footwear http://www.mellowwalk.com
Merfin Systems http://www.merfin.com
MI-CELL Fire Systems Ltd. http://www.mi-cell.com
Millard Health http://www.millardhealth.com
Millworks Mfg. Ltd. http://www.millworksmfg.com
Mister Safety Shoes Inc. http://www.mistersafetyshoes.com
Multi Disciplinary Assessment Centre http://www.mdacentre.com
Mul-T-Mat & Supply Co. http://www.mul-t-mat.com
Municipal Health and Safety Association of Ontario http://www.mhsao.com
Nilfisk - Advance Canada Company http://www.nilfisk-advance.com
Norguard Industries Inc. http://www.norguard.com
North Safety Products http://www.northsafety.com
NQI http://www.nqi.ca
NRI Industries http://www.nriindustries.com
Oakstone Wellness Publishing http://www.oakstonewellness.com
Occupational Health Clinic for Ontario Workers http://www.ohcow.on.ca
Occupational Hygiene Association of Ontario http://www.ohao.org
Occupational Safety Group http://www.osg.on.ca
Office of the Employer Adviser (OEA) http://www.gov.on.ca/lab/oea
OHS Canada http://www.ohscanada.com
Ontario Athletic Therapy Association http://www.athletictherapist.on.ca
Ontario Chiropractic Association http://www.chiropractic.on.ca
Ontario Industrial Fire Protection Association http://www.oifpa.org
Ontario Kinesiology Association http://www.oka.on.ca
Ontario March of Dimes http://www.dimes.on.ca
Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association http://www.oohna.on.ca
Omron Canada Inc. http://www.omron.ca
Ontario Anti-Slip http://www.ontarioantislip.com
Oshtech Incorporated http://www.oshtechinc.com
Osprey Scientific Inc. http://www.ospreyscientific.com
Pan Tec Inc. http://www.pr88.com
Pelican Products Inc. (Canada) http://www.pelicanproducts.ca
Performance Apparel Canada (A Prof-Marv Holland Company) http://www.performance-apparel.com
Pinchin Environmental http://www.pinchin.com
Power Pusher Canada http://www.powerpusher.com
Power Vac GTA Ltd. http://www.powervac.ca
Precision Safety http://www.precision-optical.com
Prodene Klint Canada Ltd. http://www.prodene.klint.com
Promotions One Of Canada Ltd. http://www.promotionsone.com
ProTELEC Alarms http://www.protelecalarms.com
Proventus http://www.proventusinc.com
Pyramex Safety Products http://www.pyramexsafety.com
QRP, Inc. http://www.qrpgloves.com
Quatrex Environmental http://www.quatrex.ca
Quatro Group Software Systems http://www.quatrogroup.com
"Quest Technologies, Inc." http://www.quest-technologies.com
Radiation Safety Institute of Canada http://www.radiationsafety.ca
Ralston Cansafe http://www.cansafe.com
Ranpro Inc. http://www.ranpro.com
Reflexite Canada http://www.reflexite.com
Rehabilitative Ergonomics Inc. http://www.rehabergo.com
Rescue 7 Inc. http://www.rescue7.net
Rick Hansen Man In Motion Foundation http://www.rickhansen.com
Riverfront Medical Evaluations http://www.riverfrontmed.com
"RKI Instruments, Inc." http://www.rkiinstruments.com
RONCO Protective Products http://www.ronco.ca
Ryerson University http://www.ryerson.ca
Safe Communities Foundation http://www.safecommunities.ca
Safe & Sound Mfg. Inc. http://www.safe-sound.net
Safety Express http://www.safetyexpress.com
Safety House http://www.safetyhouse.com
SafeRoads Canada® Inc. http://www.saferoadscanada.com
Safety Seven Manufacturing Inc. http://www.safetyseven.com
Safety Supports Inc. http://www.safetysupports.com
Safetyscope Inc. http://www.safetyscope.on.ca
Securite GMR inc (GMR Safety) http://www.powerchock.com
Securo Vision Ontario Inc. http://www.securo.ca
Sort Production Products Ltd. http://www.sort.on.ca
SGS International Certification Services (Canada) Inc. http://www.sgs.com
Shifting To Wellness http://www.shiftingtowellness.ca
Silvent North America http://www.silvent.com
Skid Control School http://www.skidcontrolschool.com
Sorel Canada http://www.sorelonline.com
SOS Emergency Response Technologies http://www.sostechnologies.ca
Special Electronics & Designs/Rescom Sales Inc. http://www.sed.bz
St. John Ambulance http://www.sja.ca/toronto
Stantec Consulting Ltd. http://www.stantec.com
Starquip Integrated Systems http://www.starquip.com
Streamline Information Systems http://www.streamlineis.com
Stockhausen, Inc. (Stoko Skin Care) http://www.stockhausen-inc.com
Superfeet http://www.superfeet.com
Surefoot Corporation http://www.surefoot.net
Talott First Aid & Safety http://www.talott.com
Tatra Safety Boots & Shoes Inc. http://www.tatra.ca
TEAM Evaluations and Medicals Inc. http://www.teammedical.ca
Team-1 Environmental Services Inc. http://www.team-1.com
Tenaquip http://www.tenaquip.com
The Marlin Company http://www.themarlincompany.com
Thru & Thru Safety Systems Inc. http://www.safetybracket.com
Tramex c/o Black Hawk Sales Inc. http://www.tramexltd.com
Transportation Health & Safety Association http://www.thsao.on.ca
The TRH Group http://www.trh-group.com
UNB - College of Extended Learning http://www.unb.ca/extend/hsep
Unique Concepts Ltd. http://www.uclsafetysystems.com
Unique Mats/IC Urethane Products Inc. http://www.icurethane.com
UK Products Canada Inc. (Underwater Kinetics) http://www.underwaterkineticscanada.com
Vocational Pathways Inc. http://www.vocpathways.com
W.S. Safety Technologies http://www.wssafety.com
Wasip Ltd. http://www.wasipltd.com
Water and Earth Science Associates Ltd. (WESA) http://www.wesa.ca
Wear Well Garment Co. http://www.wearwellgarments.com
Westex Inc. http://www.westexinc.com
WH&SC (Worker Health & Safety Centre) http://www.whsc.on.ca
Windsor Factory Supply http://www.wfsltd.com
WMC Occupational Health Services http://www.wmcohs.com
Work Able Centres Inc. http://www.workable.ca
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) http://www.wsib.on.ca
Worksite News
XVIIth. World Congress on Safety & Health at Work http://www.safety2005.org
Zee Medical Canada Inc. http://www.zeemedical.com
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