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WHIMIS Training in less than 60 minutes from $29.95 per person. Free software download requires unlock KEY to activate. Purchase now and start training today Upon completion program prints Certificates automatically.

Abacus Safety has the most widely recognized form of WHIMIS Training using computer based training installed at WHMIS training facilities across the country.

We have built a solid reputation for the development of Training Programs since 1987 utilizing outstanding graphic design, and easy to read content that has been constantly updated to deliver the most effective Health and Safety self learning programs available today.

In 1992 we were the first company in the World to deliver a computer based training method for WHMIS.

Today we continue to develop and improve our WHIMIS Training Program with more added features than any other training program on the market.

Abacus Safety

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WHMIS Training with Certificate

WHIMIS Training with Certificate in less than 60 minutes from $49.95 per person

Train Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime with Abacus Safety WHIMIS Training with Certificate
WHMIS Training
   Employees learn at their own pace
   WHMIS Training can be used 24/7
   No classroom scheduling
   No travelling to training locations
   Training records created automatically
   Unique employee identity record
   Print certificates on completion
   Password protected training records
   Free records administration software
   Easy to use WHMIS Training Software
   whmis training

Get the best WHMIS Training available today NEW version updated 2014

WHMIS Training Software

whimis certificate


Start WHMIS training today and ensure that all of your employees are WHMIS compliant and working in a safe environment.

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whmis At a glance Index tabs show program content
       • Introduction to WHMIS
       • Supplier and Workplace Labels
       • MSDS sheets explained in detail
       • All Hazard Symbols shown and explained
       • Comprehensive Glossary of Terms
       • Randomized Quiz

whimis Customized with your company name on        every screen
whimis Customized with User's name on every        screen after login
Comprehensive Glossary of Terms 
       select from over 100 entries
Easy to read Section Headings
Easy to understand WHMIS features
Go back to last screen to review
Grow bar indicates progress in program
Easy to use program navigation

Value priced software training that has all of the benefits that you need - trained employees PLUS comprehensive training records in one complete easy to use training package.

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